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Alumni Marketing Guidelines
Before you begin filling out the Marketing Needs form, here are some things to keep in mind

1.) Have all of your content ready in a word document(s) before filling out the form
2.) Make note of the below timelines and know that work on a project will not begin until Content is received. This also dictates when deadlines will be set (ie, 4 weeks from date content is received.)
If you have questions about marketing requests and guidelines, please contact Tammy Tucker.


Theme, Slogan: 2 weeks


Sponsorship Document: 2 weeks
Sponsorships: Plans and information regarding sponsorships for your event should happen 1 year to 8 months ahead of your event.


Print Graphic: 3 weeks
Post Card: 3 weeks (in house), 6 weeks outsource
Invitation: (other than post card): 2 months
Program Materials: 2 months
Signage: 1 month
Buck Slips: 3 weeks in house, 6 weeks outsource
Book: 12 weeks (3 months)
Manual: 12 weeks (3 months)
Brochure: 2 months
Magazine Ad: 4 months
Magazine Feature Story: 4 months
Membership Appeal: 8 weeks


Email: 7-10 business days
Newsletter: 4 weeks
Custom Header Graphic: 1 week


Written Script: 4 weeks
Newswire: 5 weeks
Media Advisory: 1 week
Press Release: 2 weeks
Scripted Video Footage: All custom video will be produced through University Relations. This will be a case by case deadline but plan for at least 4 months to produce your video.

Profile Piece: 4 weeks
Web Updates (single sentence or graphic update): 1 week (submit web updates to the Basecamp Web Updates project by following these instructions) Please include page url, content change or graphic and assign it to me with a deadline of 1 week from submission date)

Web Pages
(multiple changes to pre-existing page or complete new page): 1 month per page (Please complete a marketing checklist for your web page needs with all page(s) content ready to upload. Projects will not begin until all content is received.)
Homepage Rotator : 2 weeks

Social Media
Post: 1 week
Custom Graphic: 2 weeks


Personnel Materials/Stock Request Needs
Official Note Cards: 3-5 business days
Standard Membership Application: 3-5 business days
Membership Matters: 3-5 business days
Annual Report: 3-5 business days
Etched in Stone - 5-7 business days
Magazine - 3-5 business days
Decals - 3-5 business days
Individual Membership Cards - 3-5 business days
Membership Cards (bulk) - 6-8 weeks
Life Membership Materials - 2 weeks