Alumni societies offer opportunities for alumni to connect, serve and engage with the University of Arkansas. Societies are organized and dedicated to building and strengthening ties to the U of A.


  Academic societies allow alumni and students with common educational backgrounds, interests and experience an opportunity to become more involved with their school, college or department.

  Special Interest societies allow alumni and students to reconnect with organizations who shared the same interests and experiences at the U of A. They are formed on the basis of shared ethnicity, student activities, and career or leisure interests.

As a 50th year graduate, you can connect with your classmates at the 50th Year Golden Tower Society reunion during Spring Commencement. For more information, send email to

The Arkansas Alumni Association has over 2,000 living addressable degreed alumni outside of the United States. Connect from your country through an International Alumni Society. For more information, send email to

Virtual Alumni societies connect and engage with alumni, students and friends with a similar interest through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Alumni have the opportunity to maintain a social media network with alumni and friends form academic units, faculty and staff.

Want to start an alumni society? What type of society do you want? How large or involved will it be? Find out how to start your alumni society here.

Find all of the resources you need for your alumni societies including programming ideas and event strategies.