The last Cardinal & White Banquet was held at the Janelle Y. Hembree Alumni House in the Spring of 2017. 

Razorback Classics

The Arkansas Alumni Association holds a three-tier senior awards program, the second of which is the Razorback Classics award. Originally a beauty contest called the Razorback Belles, the Razorback Classics award dates back to 1916. The Arkansas Yearbook staff transformed this award in 1994 to recognize outstanding student achievement. Working with the Yearbook staff in the Fall of 2013, the Arkansas Alumni Association expanded their student awards program by reestablishing the Razorback Classics.

In honor of 1910 – the year the Razorback became the University of Arkansas’s mascot - 10 male and 10 female awardees are selected from each graduating class.

View our Senior Awards Main Page here.

Application Process

Only students who have been selected as Seniors of Significance are eligible to apply for the Razorback Classics award. Nominations and applications for the Class of 2017 Seniors of Significance will be available in the Fall of 2016. Please check our Seniors of Significance page at a later date, or contact Ryan Miller at for more information.