Do you know an outstanding individual who exemplifies the spirit of the University of Arkansas? Is your alumni group helping to advance the mission of the Arkansas Alumni Association and the University of Arkansas?  We want to recognize them!

The Arkansas Alumni Association welcomes your help in selecting alumni groups and individual volunteers to be honored with the Volunteer Awards. Chapters, Societies and the Student Alumni Association/Board are invited to nominate groups and individuals for the Mace, Board Cup, and Heart Award. 

Current Evaluation Period for Volunteer Awards: April 2015- May 2016
Deadline for Nominations: July 8, 2016
Awards Celebration: Part of Volunteer Summit November 4, 2016 


Morris Fair Heart Award: Outstanding Individual Award

The Morris Fair Heart Award was created by the Arkansas Alumni Association to honor a unique individual who exemplifies the volunteer spirit, enthusiasm and commitment that is the core of alumni group involvement.  The spirit of the award is to honor those individuals that give their “heart” to an alumni group and often do not stand in the spotlight for their contributions.  Learn more about application criteria and recognition. 

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Mace Award: Unique Program

The Mace Award is to recognize exceptional event planning or program development and execution by alumni groups (Chapters, Societies and the Student Alumni Association/Board). Whether the event/program is “tried and true” or “break the mold,” it should demonstrate a connection and service to alumni and friends, a benefit to members, and showcase the Arkansas Alumni Association/University of Arkansas. The Wining group will receive a $500 stipend to be used towards a future event of their choosing. Learn more about application criteria and recognition.

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Board Cup: Exceptional Alumni Group

The Board Cup recognizes an alumni group (Chapters, Societies and the Student Alumni Association/Board) that produces excellence in programming, services, and support while striving to best serve all alumni and friends of the University of Arkansas in their local communities during the evaluation period. The winning group will receive a $500 stipendLearn more about application criteria and recognition.

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