Official_RingsIn February 2002, a new tradition began at the University of Arkansas with the unveiling of the Official UA Ring. The Official Ring was developed as the one and only ring that symbolizes not only the goals achieved by UA graduates, but also to create a tradition with the purpose of fosteringloyalty, pride and recognition of the U of A among graduates and alumni.

The Official Ring's symbolism emphasizes the common bond and shared experience of all UA graduates and also invokes each wearer to tell his own unique story. Verified attainment of senior status by the UA registrar will ensure the ring is only worn by those rightly qualified to do so. Seniors who purchase the rings will receive them during an Official Ring ceremony in the fall or spring of their senior year.

Graduates can order the ring online directly from Jostens, by calling Jostens at 800.854.7464. You may also order in person by visiting the UA Bookstore at 616 N Garland Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72701.  You must know your finger size to order.

Top bezel of the ring  


The recognizable tower of Old Main serves as the central point of the ring bezel and stands as our "Beacon of Hope," as sung in our Alma Mater. The beacon is symbolic of how we look to her as a source of enlightenment and guidance through life's changes.


  • Old Main stands as a Beacon of Hope.
  • 1871, our Establishment Date, symbolizes our history, mission and deep roots as a Land Grant institution.
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS proudly asserts our honor and responsibility as the state's flagship university.

The Senior Walk side of the ring

The "Senior Walk" side of the ring combines the rich and sometimes subtle history of the University with the new history each graduate makes. Worn closest to our heart, it represents the academic prowess of the University.


  • The doors of Old Main symbolize the doorway to higher learning.
  • The Cardinal, our athletic mascot until 1910, is silhouetted in the shadows of the tree limbs.
  • Senior Walk begins at the front doors, showing our reverence and appreciation for those who came before us. The Senior Walk tradition started here.
  • Score lines on Senior Walk represent the names of graduates, the thousands of individual experiences that combine to make up the University's history, and the resulting common bond that all alumni share.
  • Maple Leaves remind us of those who return each fall to brush aside the leaves in search of names on the Walk.
  • Notice how Senior Walk doesn't end, it continues around the band to the "Razorback Spirit" side, symbolic of how the Walk goes on forever. We are holding a place for those who follow us.
  • Year of Graduation goes right on Senior Walk, symbolic of the wearer's degree achievement. Advanced degrees may be inscribed under the year.


Razorback Spirit side of the ring

Worn facing the world, the "Razorback Spirit" side of the ring symbolizes the concept that our spirit gives us strength and our strength gives us spirit.


  • This side's centerpiece is the traditional Razorback jumping through the "A".
  • Hog Calling Hands at the top proudly hail one of our oldest, and certainly our rowdiest, athletic traditions.
  • Oak Leaves and Acorns, taken from our Official University Seal, symbolize strength, pride, longevity and renewal.
  • Differing details among each of the Hog Calling Hands symbolizes the diversity of our campus community.
  • Senior Walk continues around the band, melding into the oak leaves with a feature we call Razorback Ridge, symbolic of how academics and athletics complement each other in the University of Arkansas student experience.
  • Oak leaves morph into the hog calling hands. Here the implied statement is that our spirit gives us strength and our strength gives us spirit.