Image: Razorbacks on Tour aboard the Marina - photo provided by Go Next 2016  

Razorbacks on Tour

Join us and travel with Razorbacks on Tour! This Alumni Travel Program serves to strengthen the relationship between the University of Arkansas, Arkansas Alumni Association and alumni and friends. The program contributes to the personal and intellectual growth and satisfaction of alumni and friends by offering a unique combination of discovery, adventure and educationally-oriented travel opportunities often led by alumni staff and U of A faculty. The tours are designed for those who have the University of Arkansas in common and are eager to expand their cultural and intellectual horizons in the company of fellow alumni, family and friends.  

Travel Insurance

Since 1998, the Arkansas Alumni Association has chosen USI Travel Insurance Services to provide travel insurance for alumni and friends. Every year, Travel Insurance Select gives peace of mind to thousands of alumni travelers just like you. Be sure you are adequately insured for your next trip – whether traveling in a group or traveling on your own.

Razorback Road Trips

The Arkansas Alumni Association and the Razorback Foundation partners with PrimeSport for Razorback Road Trips. PrimeSport has everything you need to have an amazing experience cheering on your Razorbacks. Your package can include hotel accommodations, transportation, souvenirs and more. Travel with the Hogs and be a part of all the action. PrimeSport is your go-to source for everything college football.