The Arkansas Alumni Association Scholarship Programs have become a cornerstone of the association. In 1990 the association accepted the challenge to fund a merit scholarship - a scholarship that would reward the students for their accomplishments in the academic and leadership arena. The idea blossomed and grew into several different scholarships with the same central idea, to attract outstanding students to the University of Arkansas. The Arkansas Alumni Association, through its members, chapters and societies, now sponsors a variety of scholarships and grant programs.

Past scholars, we would love to hear about what you are doing now. Please fill out this survey and tell us 'Where You Are Now.'

Scholarship News
Visit the new Scholarship News blog and discover what your past and present scholars are doing today!

Entering Freshman Scholarships
The Arkansas Alumni Association awards approximately 150 scholarships annually to incoming freshmen. Learn more about our scholarship opportunities.

Black Alumni Society Scholarships
Scholarships are available to both incoming freshmen and current UA students who meet specific criteria. Black Alumni Society Scholarships recognize students who contribute to the diversity of the University of Arkansas campus.

Latino Alumni Society Scholarship
The Latino Alumni Society Scholarship will be awarded to students attending or accepted to the University of Arkansas as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Alumni Legacy Scholarship
The Alumni Legacy Scholarship is offered to qualified undergraduate non-resident students with a relative (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling or spouse) who has graduated from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville campus.

SAA Student Scholarship
The Student Alumni Association (SAA) Scholarship gets its namesake thanks to the generosity of Student Alumni members across the University of Arkansas Campus. Every time a student purchases a membership for the Student Alumni Association, $2 is allocated to the SAA Scholarship Fund.

Current University of Arkansas Students
Students Scholarships are available to Current University of Arkansas Students who meet specific criteria. Alumni Scholarships for current students are one-year scholarships and vary in amounts.

Meet Your Scholars
The Arkansas Alumni Association is proud to announce our list of Alumni scholars. These include: Roads, Board of Directors, Endowed, Razorback Generations, Student Alumni Association, Latino Alumni Society, Black Alumni Society, Membership, Current and Chapter scholars.