Honorary Alumni Award

2016 Honorary Alumni Award Recipient
  Jeff Long
Vice Chancellor & Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

The purpose of this recognition is to honor non-alumni who have served, promoted, developed and loved the University of Arkansas in the tradition of an Arkansas graduate. Nominations are submitted by anyone including alumni, friends, and staff members for committee consideration; candidates must meet the criteria to be eligible. Award selections are made by a subcommittee of the Alumni Board of Directors and all selections are ratified by the Board of Directors at their May board meeting.

• This honorary lifetime membership should be given to non-graduates who have provided exceptional service to the University over a period of time. It should not be awarded for a one-time service promotion.
• The policy of awarding no more than two recipients per year should be followed.

• No award will be made in absentia

General Procedures
• Recommendations for Honorary Alumni Lifetime Membership are received by the Alumni Office and made available to the chairman of the Awards Committee. These recommendations can be made by alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the University.
• No continuous file will be maintained on this award.


Past Honorary Alumni Award Recipients