Young Alumni Award

2016 Young Alumni Award Recipient
            Amber Straughn BS'02
Research Astrophysicist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The Young Alumni Award recognizes exceptional achievements in career, public service and/or volunteer activities that bring honor to the University of Arkansas. Nominations are submitted by anyone including alumni, friends, and staff members for committee consideration; candidates must meet the criteria to be eligible. Award selections are made by a subcommittee of the Alumni Board of Directors and all selections are ratified by the Board of Directors at their May board meeting.

• The awarding of the Young Alumni Award should be recognized as a method by which the Alumni Association acknowledges exceptional achievement.
• The policy of awarding no more than two recipients per year should be followed.

• No citation of Young Alumni Award will be conferred in absentia.
• The recipient must be a graduate or former student of the University of Arkansas.
• No person shall be recommended for the Young Alumni Award while a candidate for public office.
• The recipient shall be age 40 or younger at the time of July 1 of the year it is to be awarded.

General Procedures
• Recommendations for the Young Alumni of the Year Award are received by the alumni office and made available to the awards committee. These recommendations can be made by alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the University of Arkansas.
• A letter should be submitted indicating the nominee's age, the importance of the achievements of the nominee, and a biographical sketch giving the training, experiences, and activities, etc.
• The committee maintains a continuous file on all nominations.

Previous Recipients
2000 Samuel W. Pruett '87
2001 Kevin D. Clark '86
2002 Charles King '90
2003 Lisa Pruitt '86, '89
2004 Angela Eve Harrison '89
2005 Warwick Sabin '98
2006 William L. Kerr '88
2007 T. J. Holmes '99
2008 Benjamin Craig Noble '95
2009 Brandon Keener '97 
           Elizabeth Keener '97
2010 Juhee Cho MA'04
2011 John Forrest Ales BA'02
2012 Dr. Charles L. Welch BA'95
2013 Brandy Tuft BSBA '06
2014 Dr. Angie Maxwell, BA '00
2015 The Honorable Eddie Armstrong BA'02
2016 Amber Straughn BS'02