Writing a news article about your group is simple. Just remember the five W’s and one H – who, what when, where, why and how. It doesn’t have to be long, just include all the facts. Quotes from those involved, whether it’s a guest speaker, an event attendee or an event organizer, are always a nice touch, too.

One key to writing blog articles is to focus on something other than events, which appear in the calendar not the web blog. However, post-event articles with photos are encouraged.

Other article examples include:

  • share the story of a recent event so those that couldn't attend can learn about it
  • writing about an upcoming scholarship deadline, including scholarship criteria
  • profiling alumni, including group leaders and other volunteers, in your area
  • announcing new board members
  • writing about awards your group has received
  • writing about a community service project
  • focus on a guest speaker for an upcoming event or a past event

Each blog article must have at least one photo but multiple photos are fine, too. The following are a few photo tips to keep in mind:

  • A horizontal photo works best.
  • Stay away from taking the photo in front of windows or looking into the sun and avoid dimly lit areas.
  • Get close but not too close…preferably from the rib cage up when taking photos of people.
  • Please take the photos with a camera in the highest resolution for quality.

Submitting Your Story

Send your story and all accompanying materials (photos, videos, slides, etc.) to the Director of Communications for review (we'll help catch all the grammatical errors that we can) and then publish your article online. If you are able to submit it in advance please include the date that you'd like it released on and we'll do our best. E-mail your story or news item to communications@arkansasalumni.org today.