You can submit your photos a number of different ways: By e-mail, cell phone, or via our web form.

Uploading Through Email

Send your photos to!

When composing your email, write the title of the photo (and ONLY the title of the photo) in the subject line, and a short description in the body of the email. Feel free to write "Photo by [yournamehere]" in the email somewhere, so you can get credit for it.

Also make sure you include a line at the bottom of the email with:
tags: "group short name" "event/activity name" "your location"

Note if you attach multiple images they will all get the same details including the same image title.

Submitting Via Cell Phone

If you have a camera phone, you can also submit photos via text/sms message. Instead of entering a phone number, enter - most modern cell phones with text message plans are able to do this. Your photo should appear in a couple days. Use the format listed above for email submissions. Standard text message rates apply.

What Next?

If you follow the instructions above your photos will be submitted for approval which usually takes less than 48hrs. After your photos are approved they will automatically be added to your group's Flickr Collection as a set and included in your websites randomly selected Photos on Flickr section. You will not need to do anything else with them. However, we recommend sharing them on your group's Facebook page too.