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How come I don't see some Facebook posts?

The quick answer is that we can only display what Facebook's API returns in their search API.

The technical and long answer is that while Facebook supports hashtags internally, they have yet to release full support in their developer API -- meaning third parties (like Tagboard) don't benefit from their hashtag search indexing. Instead, as a stop-gap, Tagboard utilizes the standard Open Graph Search API and searches for hashtags using normal keyword strings (e.g. #WhyWorkAtTagboard is converted to WhyWorkAtTagboard). After we receive a search results, we then strip out any that do not contain the actual hashtag.

Additionally, Facebook only provides a 'sampling' of public posts in their API results; of which it is uncertain what characteristics constitute a viable candidate. We simply have no way to know for sure what kind of results we can expect from Facebook.

Finally, we elect to not display certain results we receive from Facebook because they're returned to us without original attribution as shared posts, meaning we do not know who originally published the post. - Tagboard Support