The team with their awards at the New Venture Championship.

Headed for Success: Winning Biotech Startup VivImmune Prepares for Next Entrepreneurship Competition
These past few months have been a whirlwind for Corey Coston, Andrew McKinnon, and Sean Smith. The three University of Arkansas graduate students (Coston and McKinnon are both executive M.B.A. students in Walton College of Business, and Smith is a doctoral student of biomedical engineering in the College of Engineering) are also members of VivImmune, a biotech startup focused on creating immunotherapies for bladder cancer. Since January, the VivImmune team has been competing in (and winning) entrepreneurship contests across the country, and is now preparing for one more: the Donald W. Reynolds Tri-State Competition for teams from Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Nevada, from which the top team will take home an award of $30,000. Read more >>


Biomedical Engineering Department Shines a Spotlight on Student Research
On Wednesday, April 27, students in the Department of Biomedical Engineering gathered in the John A. White Jr. Engineering Hall to present research in the Department's annual Honors Research Symposium. Read more >> 



Biomedical engineering student Alec Salminen
presents his research on how "Crizotinib and
Ceritinib Induce 
Apoptosis and Necrosis in
Primary Rat Hepatocytes 
with Distinct
Capacity" to Professor Hanna Jensen.

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Tips for students from senior BME major Ailon Haileyesus Interview with PhD student Gage Greening


Conference Diaries

Kinan Alhallak

Grace Bagabe

Curran Henson and Dr. Radwan Al-Faouri

Department News

•Student Zizhao Liu received a travel award for the American Chemical Society, Biochemical Technology division in March 2016.
•Assistant Professor Kyle Quinn was awarded an R00 grant from the NIH to advance the study of chronic wound biomarkers in October 2015.

•Assistant Professor Kyle Quinn and graduate student Jake Jones coauthored a book chapter entitled “Functional imaging of wound metabolism.” The chapter will appear in the forthcoming Bioengineering in Wound Healing: A Systems Approach, edited by A. Golberg and M. L. Yarmush of World Scientific.
•Assistant Professor Kyle Quinn coauthored a paper entitled "Quantitative Differentiation of Normal and Scarred Tissues using Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy," which will be published in a forthcoming issue of Scanning, and was released online in April 2016. The paper was a collaboration with UT-Austin and Tufts.

•Assistant Professor Kyle Quinn gave a talk at the Wound Healing Society Spring Meeting in Atlanta in April 2016, and an invited seminar talks at the University of Wisconsin University of Pennsylvania in February 2016.
•Assistant Professor Jeff Wolchok and Governor Asa Hutchinson participated in a statewide press conference that celebrated funding for researchers from the Arkansas Biosciences Institute on March 29, 2016.

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